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We in Sarina are the authorized agent and distributer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of a wide range of batteries, oils, and filters manufactured locally in KSA and worldwide.

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Sarina is one of the emerging Saudi agents in the Saudi market specialized in retailing and sales of batteries, oils and filters whether manufactured in the Kingdom or globally as Sarina’s retailed products follow giant and prestigious brands in the field of manufacturing and technology. Sarina took its headquarter in Riyadh city for running its business as well as its strategic relationships with its partners and clients in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

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Sarina is proud of the strategic partnerships it has established with its local partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as with the global partners all over the world.

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Sarina is keen to establish strong relationships with its distinguished clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on its mission in running its business in accordance with its fundamental values which embody its honesty and integrity.

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Sarina is pleased to communicate with you through its channels, the social media and Sarina’s official website available on the Internet.