About Us

About Us

Sarina always seeks through its global and local partners network to provide the best and finest qualities of batteries, oils and filters for all passenger cars, trucks, factories and heavy equipment manufactured according to the highest technological specifications and quality and in conformity with the specifications of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization which meet the requirements and demands of its distinguished clients in various areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its branches in Riyadh, Damam and Jeddah as well as through its digital store authorized locally and regionally. The digital store will enable Sarina’s client’s make an online order and get their preferred products from batteries, oil and filters and more at their door steps with a high level of convenience. 

Sarina is the authorized agent of GS Batteries which are of Japanese origin and technology, In addition to being an official agent for INCOE batteries manufactured in Indonesia, in high quality and performance. At Sarina , all of our retailed products are in conformity with the Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization.

ٍSarina also seeks to build strategic relations and sign agreements with leading multinational companies in the field of oil manufacturing operations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a result of this strategic planning & efforts, Sarina becomes the authorized distributor of international oils manufactured in Saudi Arabia such as Mobil, Shell and other reliable oils either at local or global levels.

Sarina Mission & Values:

Our mission is based on building long term strategic relations with our partners throughout the world in order to provide high quality products that are able to meet the requirements and aspirations of our clients in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since our products of batteries oils and filters help increase the life of the engines of passenger cars, trucks, heavy and light machines as well as our retailed products raises the level of the performance and efficiency to make vehicles & equipment live for many years ahead.

We in Sarina through our continued pursuit to achieve this task we adhere to our fundamental and essential values:

Quality :

We always work with our partners around the world to provide high-quality products in competitive prices in an effort to meet the aspirations and demands of our distinguished clients.

Integrity :

We are always keen in dealing with our partners and clients to build a relationship based on honesty and transparency to maintain strong and long-term relationships with our clients to be their first partner.


We work in a healthy environment which encourages adherence to commitment and disciplines which guarantee the rights of our distinguished partners and clients to provide them with the products which meet their aspirations and demands.